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of the Year

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Golf Lessons and Instruction (Ottawa area)

Contact Warren
- Call 613-791-6557
- email wg@warrenstotalgolf.com

-  Ben Franklin SuperDome (winter)
-  Manderly on the Green (summer)
-  Greensmere Golf and Country Club (summer)
Lessons Details:
- include video feedback
- include free post-session bucket of balls

- available 8 am to 10 pm, Sun to Sat (summer)
- available 8 am to 4:00 pm, Mon to Fri (winter)
- prices are per student (except for the 90 minute group lesson)
- Fees are payable by cheque or cash in Cdn $ (taxes included)
Private Lessons
Number of Lessons Cost
1 - 30 minute $55.00
1 - 60 minute $85.00
3 - 60 minute $240.00
1 - 60 minute and 4 - 30 minute $240.00
5 - 60 minute $375.00
1 - 60 minute and 6 - 30 minute $375.00
12 - 30 minute $550.00
12 - 60 minute $850.00
Semi-private Lessons
Number of Lessons 60 Minute
each total
1 $55.00 $110.00
3 $145.00 $290.00
5 $220.00 $440.00

Improve all aspects of your game:
Fundamentals: Grip, Posture, Alignment, Take Away, Back Swing, Down Swing, Impact, Follow Through, Finish
Shots: Drives, Long Irons, Short Irons, Pitches, Chips, Sand, Putts
Psychology: Game preparation, Choosing the shot, Pre-shot routine, Post-shot analysis
Philosophy: Clear, concise and simple direction are all anyone wants in a golf lesson, including professional players. We endeavor to find the root of the problem and correct it. We focus on only a few areas in each lesson as working on too many will overwhelm the student and reduce the effectiveness of the session. We also strive to match the student's swing with his/hers personality and capabilities; copying someone else's technique may be conterproductive due to differences in their physical and mental makeup.

By the time you finish a complete lesson package with Warren's Total Golf, you will understand exactly how the golf swing motion works, allowing you to control your game instead of having to hope the ball lands in a playable lie. If distance is a problem now, you will be hitting the ball a lot further with less effort. If you are playing with a slice, pull, hook, fat or thin shots, you will be hitting the fairways, greens in regulation and staying out of trouble.

Within four to ten weeks of instruction, depending on how much time you are willing to put in doing the homework drills (practicing without the ball, thus teaching your brain the positions you require to create a good repeatable swing motion), you will be playing the best golf of your life. Your scores will come down and you will have a lot more fun playing golf.

Warren's Total Golf is going to introduce you to an effective and simple method for the perfect golf swing motion. You will learn the setup foundamentals (proper grip, proper spine angle, proper stance, proper ball position and proper alignment) as well as the four key elements required to hit the ball perfectly every time. Warren's Total Golf will teach you how to incorporate these four key elements into your golf swing motion with lessons and simple tutorials so you can swing with machine-like consistency, regardless of your natural atheletic ability. Each lesson is designed to progressively build on the content of the previous one so it is really important that you dedicate the time to learn each new element so that you it becomes part of your subconciousness allowing you to focus on the next stage.

Warren's Total Golf will give you constant feedback (including regular video analysis) that will clearly show your progress and identify your trouble spots. By the time you have completed the lesson package, you will be able to self-diagnose your own swing allowing you to correct any mental lapse during your play so that one bad swing does not ruin the rest of the game.

Warren's Total Golf uses the same swing fundamentals that the pros use on their lessons. Over the past 20 years, there has been an obvious trend that the best players in the world are relying less on their natural hand-eye coordination and changing their swings to incorporate these techniques. There must be a good reason for it! Should you decide to incorporate them into your own golf swing motion, you will notice immediate benefits and enable you to reach your potential.

Warren's Total Golf has already helped hundreds of students, now it is your turn!